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Not-KPMG Apr 11, 2020 3:26pm | Post# 41

This is pretty pathetic, I am asking a question that seriously concerns me and I am a cry baby.... . {image} {image}

I accidentally saw this thread have a new post, and came to inquire why Litecoin is having such hard time....

And see Jeff crybaby .

Jeff my Bubula, just coming from a jog and I'm hungry so can't mince words. Cooking

You DIDN'T ask questions, you DIDN'T offer a link or anything 

Setup... Wallet.... Scammed loot....??

WTF is in your head???
There's a free clinic if you Google your city or hovel or whatever

Pandass Apr 12, 2020 3:51am | Post# 42

This is pretty pathetic, I am asking a question that seriously concerns me and I am a cry baby. Why could you not just have answered me and give me the arguments, I was neither lying or talking about the FeD or whatever, just raising a question that came to my mind. {image} {image}
Jeff but that's half ignorant to assume that half of bitcoin wallet increase are from those who have scammed BTC from others.

Not-KPMG Apr 12, 2020 9:44am | Post# 43

This is pretty pathetic I am... .. to my mind. {image} {image}
Yes you are.

OK guys, let's not ruin this thread with w.....s

Jeff MiCryer, go to Bitcoin Technical thread .
Once a good place now is a crybaby and moaners land and I find good fun reading.

With your ideas and scammed posts you'll be king

jeffmichaels Apr 12, 2020 10:24am | Post# 44

This is beyond ridiculous at least Pandass gives me a response to my question. Indeed there is no questionmark behind it, but the leading words of my sentence were "How about". It was something that came to my mind so there is no link, if you act like this to people who have an interest in crypto but that have questions about it due to not knowing to much about it, it will never get accepted. You should have just stated the arguments why what i am saying is not so, I never said anything even close that could be considered judgemental about BTC or crypto in general, but it took 1 question of a leek to set you off lighten up man.

The question came to mind because I understood that a lot of scammers use wallets to divvy up and send the tokens around to make it harder to trace stolen tokens back to them. Why would you be soooo ticked of about that.
Just explain to me why it isn't so..
oh and hey, throw in a link don't need one good explanation will do

andoseg2 Aug 13, 2020 3:34am | Post# 45

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{quote} Only price pays nor volumes nor any other indicator. {quote} There is no accumulation phase until it's consumed thus confirming the begin of Markup Phase, in this case was a potential accumulation wich resolved as CTT (correction through time) later. {quote} For ? {quote} Na. The pressure is insignificant. You spoted the correction of the Lower High @ 2019.09.18 {quote} Na, you missed it. Here the real deal, IF it will happen {image}
No higher high made
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